The ONEBOOKAZ eBook Writing Competition has been discontinued. Here are the winning books from 2002-2016.

2016 Adults eBook Winner

Looking for Jane
by Judith Redline Coopey

Buckaroo Buckeye book coverThe nuns use this as their measuring stick: who your people are. Well, what if you don t have no people? Or any you know of? What then? Are you doomed? This is the nagging question of fifteen-year-old Nell's life. Born with a cleft palate and left a foundling on the doorstep of a convent, she yearns to know her mother, whose name, she knows, was Jane. When the Mother Superior tries to pawn her off to a mean looking farmer and his beaten down wife, Nell opts for the only alternative she can see: she runs away. A chance encounter with a dime novel exhorting the exploits of Calamity Jane, heroine of the west, gives Nell the purpose of her life: to find Calamity Jane, who Nell is convinced is her mother. Her quest takes her down rivers, up rivers and across the Badlands to Deadwood, South Dakota and introduces her to Soot, a big, lovable black dog, and Jeremy Chatterfield, a handsome young Englishman who isn’t particular about how he makes his way, as long as he doesn't t have to work for it. Together they trek across the country meeting characters as wonderful and bizarre as the adventure they seek, learning about themselves and the world along the way. You will take Nell with you to that special place in your memory where you keep the best characters. She will stick with you, beat you down, buoy you up and teach you a thing or two about life. You will wonder at her stubborn determination, her patience and her courage, but you won t forget her. Not for a long time.

About the Author

Photo of Judith CoopeyJudith Redline Coopey’s interest in history can be traced to her father, an avid reader and student of history. Born in Altoona, PA Ms. Coopey holds degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and Arizona State University. She began writing at the age of eleven when it occurred to her that she would like to become “a lady that writes books.” Throughout her life she has written – an essay here, a magazine article there, a short story someplace else, but with her retirement from teaching history in the Mesa Public Schools, she turned to writing as a serious pursuit.

The youngest of eight children, she was the first and only one to graduate from college. Her marriage led to many adventures, including two years residence in Germany, fifteen in Wisconsin, and more than thirty-three in Arizona where she now resides. Her accomplishments are many, including founding a library in a small Wisconsin town, honors at writing conferences, a teaching career that spanned more than twenty years, raising two children and enjoying two grandchildren.

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2016 Kids eBook Winner

Buckaroo Buckeye™
by Kristin Anderson Cetone

Buckaroo Buckeye book coverBuckaroo Buckeye™, by Kristin Anderson Cetone, is the inspirational story of a little buckeye nut who falls from his tree in Ohio. The other nuts tease him but this little nut has big dreams. He will travel the world in search of his place of value and importance. Be inspired by Buckaroo's determination. Hit the trail with Buckaroo as he dodges the bumps and bullies along the way on his life journey of self-discovery. Buckaroo Buckeye is a parent read aloud book for children. Life is a journey of discovery on the path to build self-esteem in children. The belief in our self and our dreams fuels this journey, which is nourished by the encouragement and guidance from family and culture, life experiences, and education… of which reading success is the foundation.

About the Author

Photo of Kristin CetoneBuckaroo’s story mirrors my life journey of self-discovery as I overcame bumps and disappointments to discover my place of value as a Reading Specialist and helping struggling readers achieve. I am that buckeye nut. Born in Dayton, Ohio, I meandered many miles over the years before putting down new roots in the Arizona desert.

Buckaroo’s journey mirrors my life journey of self-discovery. I too, am that buckeye nut who meandered many miles until I put down roots in the desert Southwest. My life journey was nurtured and guided by education, family and culture, and life experiences. I discovered purpose and worth. My true calling is helping others become successful readers, so I became a Reading Specialist to help children who struggle to read.

With a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education, I have provided reading and educational support to children for over thirty years. One of the greatest gifts you can give children, is the courage to discover their true calling and the support they need to pursue their dreams. My joy, now, is helping everyone find the Buckaroo Buckeye in themselves.

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2016 Teens eBook Winner

The Haunting of Josh Weston
by Melinda Rucker Haynes

The Haunting of Josh Weston book coverFormer star athlete and gifted student, fifteen-year-old Josh Weston and his mother move to a desolate ranch in the Arizona desert after his father is killed in Afghanistan. Josh blames himself for his father’s death and for the shooting of his best friend. Besides failing in everything he used be good at, Josh is relentlessly stalked by a dangerous psycho at his new school. Unable to see any way out of his problems, Josh tries to end it all one moonlit night. The ghost of a cantankerous old prospector and his evil white burro suddenly appear and force Josh on a series of bizarre ghostly adventures. If he is to survive, he must learn to draw on his strengths and deal with his haunted past that threatens his future.

About the Author

Photo of Melinda HaynesAn award-winning author of eight novels, Melinda Rucker Haynes is the Baby Boomer edition of an Arizona pioneer family. She grew up in the small town of Kingman on Route 66. She likes to joke that she learned to write fiction as a grant writer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Melinda also directed adult education research projects and trained teachers at UNLV, where she further developed her unusual sense of humor as a student teacher supervisor and member of the faculty gourmet club. Melinda escaped academe one summer to wrangle assorted livestock on her parents' ranch near Oatman, Arizona. It was a weird, growth-promoting adventure that later inspired the ghostly tale of The Haunting of Josh Weston.

After traveling the world and living in four foreign countries, which most recently includes Washington D.C., Melinda settled in Tucson with her husband, Bob. She babies their citrus trees, takes piano lessons and photo hunts the wily Cruel Shoes for her website and Pinterest pages. She continues to write inspired fables for readers 12 to 112 and is the founder of the Tall Grass Editing CoOp of talented writers.

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2015 Adults eBook Winner

The Blind Eye - A Sephardic Journey
By Marcia Fine

The Blind Eye book coverIn parallel stories set in 15th century Portugal and 20th century Spain, both Grazia and Alegra are trying to navigate through life-changing identity crises. Set against the historical events of the fifteenth century Inquisition, The Blind Eye creates a sweeping narrative about a family persecuted and expelled from Spain because of their religious beliefs connecting forward across time to a modern woman of Cuban descent trying to navigate a new career and an unlikely romantic relationship. Readers will be amazed and inspired by the difficult journeys of these two women.

About the Author

Photo of Marcia FineMarcia Fine grew up in South Florida during the 1960's with a love for books and learning. A former high school English teacher, business owner, and motivational speaker, she began writing in 2000 after her daughter's wedding. Marcia is the author of several award-winning books, including her first novel, She has written and published six books and is currently working on a new book about the Inquisition in Mexico.

In addition to writing, Marcia enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and visiting museums. Her goal is to learn something new every day. To learn more about Marcia and her books, visit

2015 Kids eBook Winner

Bruce and the Road to Courage
By Gale Leach

Bruce and the Road to Courage book coverBruce, a caterpillar, is frightened of becoming a butterfly because he is terrified of heights. Worse yet, the other caterpillars tease and bully him about it. Unwilling to suffer their bullying any longer, Bruce runs away from home. Along the road, Bruce encounters and befriends some unlikely characters, including a young female moth caterpillar. Smitten by her, Bruce is horrified when she is captured by a bat while he hides. Disappointed by his own lack of courage, Bruce and his new friends - a mockingbird who doesn't eat bugs because she is a vegetarian, a spider who got tangled in his own web, and an aging firefly - vow to rescue her. When they reach the bats' cave, however, hope of a rescue vanishes when they are all captured by the bats' evil leader, Stang. Bruce's newfound courage helps him devise a plan to save all the captives and end Stang's ruthless rule.

About the Author

Photo of Gale LeachGale Leach grew up in California dreaming of becoming a professional writer. As a child, she would write and send scripts to television studios in hopes of being discovered. Today, with hard work and perseverance, her dreams have come true. She is the author of several award-winning books, including her first book The Art of Pickleball. She has written and published four books about Bruce the Caterpillar and is currently working on The Rift, a magical adventure that takes readers to another world.

In addition to writing, Gale enjoys reading, singing, making crafts, doing puzzles, and playing the hammered dulcimer and the bodhrán, a Celtic drum. She currently lives in Sun City West, Arizona, with her husband, two dogs, and three cats. To find out more about Gale and her books, visit her at

2015 Teens eBook Winner

Welcome to Harmony
By Dan Trumpis

Welcome to Harmony book coverBeing twelve years old is already hard enough. Being a werewolf makes it even harder. Dillon Howell and his parents have just moved to Harmony, a small town in Northern California. Like all kids, he just wants to fit in and make friends, while keeping his "condition" a secret, of course. But Dillon quickly finds out he's not the only person in town who isn't what he appears to be.

Welcome to Harmony, Dillon Howell.

Your life is about to change forever.

About the Author

Photo of Dan TrumpisDan Trumpis was born in Los Angeles and lived most of his life in California before moving to Arizona 6 years ago. He currently lives in Sun Lakes and teaches Communication Arts at C.O. Greenfield in Phoenix, where he is inspiring his 5th grade students with a love of literature and writing. When he is not teaching or writing, Dan enjoys going to movies, reading comic books, and searching used book stores for novels by his favorite author, Neil Gaiman.

Always interested in the paranormal and the supernatural, Dan was inspired to write Welcome to Harmony in order to intertwine these two ideas with a story of friendship. Look for Dan's next book, Gwen Gladstone: A Tale from the Town of Harmony, where Dillon and the others meet a new girl who may just have some special abilities of her own.

2014 Adults eBook Winner

Lauren Greasewater's War book coverLauren Greasewater's War
By Stephen Hirst

A ruined shelter, a Native American woman and the force of the US government: the gunpowder that ignited Lauren Greasewater's War.

The story traces a Havasupai woman's quest from the streets of New York to the canyons of the Southwest, ?nding her way back to her birthplace to reinvent herself as Lauren Greasewater. Caught between two worlds, she turns a cultural misunderstanding into an armed conflict.

About the Author

Photo of Stephen HirstSteve Hirst and his wife Lois served with the first contingent of Peace Corps volunteers to Liberia, West Africa. Following Liberia, they lived in Italy, where Steve studied international relations and Lois worked as a librarian. Then Steve left the fast lane to begin a lifelong relationship with the Havasupai people of the Grand Canyon. During the 11 years that Steve and his wife lived in the canyon, their daughter Alexa was born and the Havasupai asked the Hirsts to research and document the case for winning back ancestral land. Steve's award-winning book I Am the Grand Canyon, his e-novel Lauren Greasewater's War, and the historic enlargement of the Havasupai Reservation were the outcome of that work.

Steve and his wife now volunteer as interpretive rangers for the US Forest Service in Flagstaff and continue their friendship and work with the Havasupai people.

2014 Kids eBook Winner

The Space Adventures of Jack Smacker Little Leaguer book coverThe Space Adventures of Jack Smacker Little Leaguer
By Mike Giglio

The Space Adventures of Jack Smacker is the first in a series of adventure books that take kids through space, around the earth and much more. Jack was like every other boy until he learned about a magical secret: when he played baseball with all his heart, anything could happen during a baseball game! When Jack encounters a space friend in the middle of a game, his world is turned upside down. Follow Jack as he discovers the secrets of space; from galaxy ice cream to the rings on Saturn and also builds a lifelong friendship with an unexpected being along the way.

About the Author

Photo of Mike GiglioMike Giglio is a waterpark contractor and a grandfather of three wonderful granddaughters. When he isn't busy running his construction projects he can be found at his home in Glendale, Arizona enjoying his family and his miniature schnauzer Sophie. Inspired by his granddaughters, he wrote The Space Adventures of Jack Smacker, Little Leaguer to help them with their reading comprehension skills and also to use their imagination and to never stop following their dreams.

2014 Teens eBook Winner

Corr Syl the Warrior book coverCorr Syl the Warrior
By Garry Rogers

This science fiction adventure for young readers is set on an Earth where intelligence evolved long before humans appeared. On this Earth, humans and other animals have similar form; they are bipedal with forward facing eyes and complex hands. The story follows a young warrior into a conflict between humans and the rest of the world's animal species, the Tsaeb (silent T, long A-sabe).

With its intricate plot, beautifully crafted landscapes, sympathetic characters, and rocketing intensity, Corr Syl the Warrior presents an original look at the impact of humanity on the Earth environment. Beautifully written, almost too literary to be genre fiction, the story's tongue-in-cheek humor, hints of romance, and touches of science will delight a broad spectrum of readers.

About the Author

Photo of Mike GiglioGarry Rogers ( has a PhD in physical geography. His master's thesis and doctoral dissertation dealt with landscape changes in the deserts of North America. He taught and continued his research at Columbia University in New York, and at UCLA. He has published four books and hundreds of articles. He is an elected member of SigmaXi the scientific research society and the Phoenix College Alumni Hall of Fame. Garry lives in Humboldt, Arizona.

2012 Adults

Arizona: 100 Years Grand book cover

Arizona: 100 Years Grand
By Lisa Schnebly Heidinger

2012 Kids

Arizona Way Out West & Witty book cover

Arizona Way Out West & Witty
By Conrad Storad and Lynda Exley

2011 Adults

Hopi Summer: Letters from Ethel to Maud book cover

Hopi Summer: Letters from Ethel to Maud
By Carolyn O'Bagy Davis

2011 Kids

Code Talker book cover

Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two
By Joseph Bruchac

2010 Adults

The Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd book cover

The Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd
By Jana Bommersbach

2010 Kids

The Three Little Javelinas / Los Tres Pequeños Jabalíes book cover

The Three Little Javelinas / Los Tres Pequeñ os Jabalíes
By Susan Lowell
Illustrated by Jim Harris

2009 Adults

Capirotada: A Nogales Memoir book cover

Capirotada: A Nogales Memoir
By Alberto Rios

2009 Kids

Hip, Hip, Hooray, It's Monsoon Day book cover

Hip, Hip, Hooray, It's Monsoon Day
By Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford

2008 Adults

These is My Words book cover

These is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901, Arizona Territories
By Nancy E. Turner

2008 Kids

Danger in the Desert book cover

Danger in the Desert
By Terri Fields

2007 Adults

Going Back to Bisbee book cover

Going Back to Bisbee
By Richard Shelton

2007 Kids

Weedflower book cover

By Cynthia Kadohata

2006 Adults

An Unfinished Life book cover

An Unfinished Life
By Mark Spragg

2006 Kids

Everything on a Waffle book cover

Everything on a Waffle
By Polly Horvath

2005 Adults

Sunk Without A Sound book cover

Sunk Without A Sound
By Brad Dimock

2005 Adults

Grand Ambition book cover

Grand Ambition: A Novel
By Lisa Michaels

2005 Kids

Frindle book cover

By Andrew Clements

2004 Adults

Life of Pi book cover

Life of Pi: A Novel
By Yann Martel

2004 Kids

The Warm Place book cover

The Warm Place
By Nancy Farmer

2003 Adults

Plainsong book cover

By Kent Haruf

2003 Kids

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key book cover

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
By Jack Gantos

2002 Adults

Animal Dreams book cover

Animal Dreams
By Barbara Kingsolver