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Lauren Greasewater's War book coverLauren Greasewater's War
By Stephen Hirst

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A ruined shelter, a Native American woman and the force of the US govern-ment: the gunpowder that ignited Lauren Greasewater’s War.

The story traces a Havasupai woman’s quest from the streets of New York to the canyons of the Southwest, finding her way back to her birthplace to rein-vent herself as Lauren Greasewater. Caught between two worlds, she turns a cultural misunderstanding into an armed conflict.

About the Author

Photo of Stephen HirstSteve Hirst and his wife Lois served with the first contingent of Peace Corps vol-unteers to Liberia, West Africa. Following Liberia, they lived in Italy, where Steve studied international relations and Lois worked as a librarian. Then Steve left the fast lane to begin a lifelong relationship with the Havasupai people of *the Grand Canyon. During the 11 years that Steve and his wife lived in the canyon, their daughter Alexa was born and the Havasupai asked the Hirsts to research and document the case for winning back ancestral land. Steve's award-winning book I Am the Grand Canyon, his e-novel Lauren Greasewater’s War, and the historic enlargement of the Havasupai Reservation were the outcome of that work.

After leaving Havasupai, Steve continued his connection with Native Americans by coordinating science and mathematics programs for Anishnabe and Potowato-mi students in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where his wife became a distin-guished professor.

Steve and his wife now live back in Arizona, where they volunteer as interpretive rangers for the US Forest Service in Flagstaff and continue their friendship and work with the Havasupai people.